How to know HOW good looking you are (face)? Not just IF you are good looking... but HOW MUCH? OR is it subjective (EVEN ON A LARGE SCALE?)?

How to know how good looking you are on a large scale? Only face by the way


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  • Good looks are subjective. Someone might think you're butt ugly while someone else might find you beautiful. So you can't use a scale to measure your level of attractiveness, it's not objective like that.

    • So I'm as hot as any male model facially at my max provided I am not a fat neckbeard right? AS in I have a jawline and symmetrical features? But hey... someone finds fat neckbeards hot right? But I'm not counting them. I'm talking on a large scale. Thanks. Any thoughts on this?☺

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    • @Whocares3014 yup, it's clearly the guy. I won't bother answering this anymore lol.

    • Pweez just once? The last two comments I made.

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  • Probably by peoples' reaction to you and what they tell you but it tends to be subjective.


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  • It's subjective


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