Girls, Please answer. Do you think I'm ugly?

And be honest. I can take it.

Girls, Please answer. Do you think I'm ugly?

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I'm a Girl
and can you post a comment on what you really think? how else am I going to choose a MHO?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Keep the beard! And no I don't think that you're ugly, but more importantly what do you think? Own you, be confident, and rock it! =)

    • Not sure what I think. not really trying to attract myself, haha. but thanks.

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    • thanks. and you too.

    • Thanks for the MHO 😉

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  • You look really sad :( I bet you would have an awesome smile. I think you're pretty alright looking if I do say so myself. I love the facial hair and the dark hair. Do you like the way you look?

    • I have my good days and bad like everyone I guess. and I don't really have an opinion on how I look. I'm more concerned about what women think. and I do smile a lot actually. I just don't like smiling in pictures. and thanks.

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    • All good :)

    • alright then.

  • You're fine dude, don't worry 'bout those things.

    • Well, when looking for a girl to like you romantically. I can't help but worry about it.

  • Your facial features are not ugly but you could lose weight I think and get rid of the beard.

    • yeah, I agree that I need to lose weight. working on it four days a week.

    • Good job!

    • Thanks. Here's hoping I stick with it.