Girls, If a girl rates a guy 7/10... is this good or bad?+if a girl calls you cute... what does she mean by that?


Im 18 and last night I was hanging out with a group of people. And then we somehow came to the point of rating people based on their looks. Almost all girls (one gave me a 6 and one an 8) said I look like a "7/10"... Now I know rating is VERY shallow but in my country it is somehow socially accepted and the social norm. Now I was wondering... Is this good or bad? Like I think 5 is like average or sth... but it can be different. Now I get told by girls that I look "cute" sometimes. What is this exactly. I hear this is generally not a good "complement"

Would you agree with the score Lol? :D

Girls, If a girl rates a guy 7/10... is this good or bad?+if a girl calls you cute... what does she mean by that?
(me long hair)

(me short hair)

Thanks for answers! :)


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  • Have you ever look at some one and they can look good one day, and the next day not so good. Or have you ever look at someone pictures and notice that they look attractive on one picture and another not so much? This is what they mean you look cute sometimes. It may be a certain facial expression that you may do to make you look cute and or not cute. Like with the two pictures you have here I like the 2nd one better, because it shows you face in a much better light and because of the angle of head. If that makes sense. For me I have my moments where I look very cute and than I look at myself someday's and think "hmm not my best day, my makeup or hair look better the other day than today". People have their moments. If I rate you I will give you between a 6/7.

    • Ok thank you!
      Do you think I look better with short or long hair? Any other recomendations?

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    • Lol last question! These are some pics of me from when I was younger (before I gained weight)
      Do you think there is any big difference
      Thanks again! No more questions I promise hahaha :D

    • Lol I have no problem with the questions. Honestly I don't see a difference. Just in your hair that's about it. I don't think women stop paying attention to you because of your weight, they probably sense that your not confident in yourself. But just because you think no one is paying attention doesn't mean that there not paying attention.