Girls, How do I look (46 year old man)?

I'm recently divorced and single again. I'm 46, have begun to lose my hair (thus why I wear my hair shaved), and was just curious how attractive I am? I'm fully aware that I"m no 9 or 10... but I would love an honest view from women of all ages (But prefer 30+) what I rate on a scale of 0 - 10... you can also add comentary.. I"m thick skinned, so be frank and honest please. Of course I don't expect the 18 year olds on here to find me attractive, but I will accept the opinion of anyone... even a gay guy! thanks.. I'm 6'0 and 190lbs mostly fit with a small bit of belly fat, and normal amount of body hair..

Girls, How do I look (46 year old man)?

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I'm a Girl
well, googling the "1-10" scale and hitting images I'm encouraged... seems a 6-7 range woman is attractive in my mind... I guess my personal scale was always a bit skewed.. my 10's were more like 7's and 8's..
wow, as time goes on, I seem to be getting uglier... 3 votes for below 3!

I think I"m going to repost this with no anonymous!


Most Helpful Girl

  • I know I'm a little younger than your target but for a middle aged man you look quite handsome. Nice eyes :)

    • coming from a very beautiful young woman like you that means a lot to me...

      Part of me is dying to know what the people who voted me 3 look like... part of me chalks it up to "not my type" syndrome...

      Either way, thanks!

    • Yeah, I'd be curious about that too! You're welcome!

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  • Well if I'm assigning a number you're between a 6 and a 7, which is actually right where I place myself. You're not bad at all. I like when balding guys just shave it all off, its a much better look.
    Sorry about the divorce but I think you'll be fine in the dating scene. Good luck!

    • Thank you for the personal response... I sorta wish I had it where I could see what the voters looked like that were rating me... especially that one that rated me a 4! ; ) She better be a model! ;)

      I agree, you also would rate a 7 in my book without looking at your body, but if your body were amazing or athletic, maybe an 8...

    • Don't let the numbers get to you lol.

      I'm very athletic but don't care at all what people rate me.

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