Guys, why do you like biggish sculpted bums on a girl?

So basically, recently I had a non-uniform at school and wore my favourite high waisted skinny jeans. The whole day boys whistled and commented things, like the ones I see everyday who never gave me a second glance finally noticed and started coming up to me.

In in one of my classes (which is literally 24 boys and 5 girls) a guy 'friend' told me that there was something on my chair so I stood up to look, there was nothing there, confused I gave him a skeptical look and he said it again. So I checked again, same outcome, one of the nicer boys told him to stop fucking around with me and the first one said 'Oh wait, it was your fine ass' so they all agreed while laughing.

I dont know if this is a good or bad thing so many people said it was nice but, I don't really take compliments well. Anyone in a situation like this?


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  • Nope. I like smallish.


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