Do you think id get negative attention or bad impressions from people if I post this picture on fb?

first things first... im not a singer infact i sing horrible i was karaokee-ing but anyways for some reason i love how i look when im holding the mic...(weird i know) but what do you think of this pic? does it make me seem like a superficial narcissistic conceited wanna-be superstar byotch or do i look like a girl who's just trying to have fun...

do you think id get negative attention or bad impressions from people if i post this picture on fb??

  • Wanna- be- Superstar narcissistic byotch
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  • there'll always be jokers though

    • i agree especially my family lmao

    • that's also why im kinda scared to post it im scared they'll make fun of me

    • Real friends won't laugh, non judgmental friends won't laugh so

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  • What others think isn't important do u like the picture? If you do post it to Facebook.. if anyone thinks or types anything negative that's their problem not yours.. you've a mic in your hand so If I came across you on Facebook id think you were a singer or liked to sing.. I wouldn't think anything less that you narcisstic concurred superficial or aboyotch...
    But now you have claimed you can't sing but do it anyway- if I came across you on Facebook now I know what I know I'd think..
    Likes to take the piss out of herself, doesn't take herself to seriously.. has confidence the fact u get up and sing *horribly*.. and enjoys doing it clearly by the wide smile..

    and people that know you would think the same way...
    Anyone that doesn't and thinks negative aren't worth your time and just trolling to satisfy their meaningless exaistance to bring someone down:..

    So if post it and to hell what people think x


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  • You are so pretty!! You should definitely post this you look so happy and it has a very old fashioned look to it

    • Thank you!!!:) right? it looks like an old fashioned picture maybe a little like the 90s that's why i kinda liked it

    • Yeah no problem! It looks very nice I really like it!