Guys, I'm bald. Do I look like a guy now?

One year ago I decided to shave my hair. Go bald. Not that I care what other people think. However, I find it so stupid that many make such a big deal out of this. My history teacher approached me once and said, "Hair symbolizes femininity." and then he joked about it in classroom, "(My name) attempted to change the world". I laughed because it was funny and I normally don't take criticism to heart.
Guys, I'm bald. Do I look like a guy now?
But what he first said made me wonder, "So because I'm bald, I'm less of a woman?"
Yeah, my face looks a little masculine. Now I kinda look like a teenage boy? O_o But why does everyone has to say things like:
"Oh, she shaved her hair, she has depression"
"You will never find a man now"
"You are crazy! Soo... when will you start growing it back again?"

How many of you would mistake me for a boy? (Ignore my stupid expression --")


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  • You don't look like any boy I've ever seen.

    • Mmm. I'll take that as a compliment?

    • Well, if you want to look like a boy, then it's not a compliment. It's all relative. I think you're very cute looking, but I'm old so you have to take that with a grain of salt.

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