Girls, What make a guy sexy out friend zone?

his good shape muscels and handsome face or cool style funny doesn't matter these fact what do you think


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  • Sometimes it's a complete mystery to even us. This has happened several times where I was friendly or friends with a guy and had made up my mind that I wasn't attracted and then he does something or I just wake up one day and realize I find him attractive. I'm actually experiencing it right now and can't point out what happened and when I started to find him attractive. Generally, it helps I guess if she thinks you're attractive on some small level going into the friendship.

    Things you can do: present yourself well (smell nice, look nice, dress nice, just clean up well), impress her / make an impression (like that you're smart, a hard worker, athletic, funny, etc.), show interest in her and her life, have things in common, easy to talk to (should happen naturally ideally), and flirt. Also, just ask her out.