If I had a really confident approach, how would I do (see profile pic)?

Atm, I'm not very good with girls tbh. I can talk to them, but I end up just talking to them like a friend would, I never make a move. Most of the girls that have gone after me have been fucked over by one of my friends and I'm "the nice guy", or I just don't pay any attention to them. At least that's the way it seems, and either way, it isn't often.

But if I were to find a girl in public and went up to her and was confident in asking her out, how much does confidence improve a girls attraction to someone? Like, what would you say if I came up and kinda stuttered vs if I said all the right things? Would you say no or yes to either of the approaches (assuming you didn't have a boyfriend or something)? I know confidence is a big thing, but I just don't understand how it affects attraction?


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  • Aww, you do look like the nice guy type. But honestly confidence makes a huge difference! It just makes you so much more attractive. Like you know what you want in life, you've got your eyes set out on it and you're going to achieve it. Nothing is going to stop you. It's attractive because it shows how you feel about yourself, it assets power and authority, it shows leadership and i can't explain this one but there is this aura or a vibe that you get around confident people. Personally, i love a confident guy

    • So aside from my nice guy look, what would you say if I walked up confidently and started talking to you?

    • Haha yeah, that would lovely! I'd be very impressed if i'm honest with you. Guys these days aren't like that. It's refreshing.

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  • You can't just walk up to a girl and ask her out but it doesn't really depend on looks you just have to start a conversation and keep it going.

    • Then how exactly are you suppose to ask someone out? Through facebook? Tbh, I think that's lame and I've done it before (well not ask them out, but I've flirted and gotten numbers through it). I just feel like it would be more rewarding in person, and also you get to see their reaction. And by asking out, I don't mean walking up and saying "Will you date me?". I mean walking up, flirting, getting a number and maybe setting something up

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    • Lol yeah it's easy to tell when she's not interested in the conversation.

    • If u were to meet a girl in public you dont know, instead of asking her for a "date", i would say something like "i would like to get to know you better, can i get your number?"..

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