Girls how can a guy honestly know if he is in the top 20 percent facially? Is that subjective? AS in the top 20% will differ from woman to woman?

I mean say the guy has been called handsome and attractive by women who are relatively attractive... but that doesn't really say much as to HOW handsome they are does it?

80 20 rule by the way


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  • Handsome is handsome guy. If attractive woman are calling you handsome, then that means attractive women find you handsome, how handsome doesn't matter. You dont need to look the best, you just need to look your best.

    • I don't need to look the best? How do I know if I am the best or not?

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    • Lol nah... no one is better. At max equal. I mean I am AT MY ABSOLUTE GENETIC maximum man. Aesthetic physique. Face is chiseled.

    • Then victory is yours good sir

  • It's all about midface length, man. Look it up: you can calculate your facial attractiveness like a scientist.

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