Girls, How do I look? Girls only?

Girls, How do I look? Girls only?

It's a year old (7th grade school pic) but I haven't changed that much. Don't be harsh! How can I improve?


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  • Oh, please update, pretty please!

    But if you insist, Anonymous, I'll spare you this time. ;)

    You look so cheerful. I love your smile, very, very contagious and genuine which is rare even for a school picture! I guess I'd really like to see you with shorter hair, it would definitely suit you and your friendly, approachable demeanor, for sure. :)

    • Thanks! I'll update it when I can.

    • Wait... how do I update? There's no option to send a picture...

    • I forget about that!

      This site needs to definitely improve on that but you can ask the question again, no harm in doing so. You may tag me if you'd like! :D

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