Is it okay that I don't really have a favorite body part of a woman?

Some guys like boobs. Some guys like pretty faces. Some guys like curves. Some guys like a toned stomach. I mean I guess I'm somewhat of a ass guy, but ultimately I don't see women as body parts much. Is that weird? The girl is mostly either hot or not. I've seen hot girls with not so hot faces. I've seen hot girls with a not so hot bodies. Weird?


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  • u kidding me? it's totally fine that u dont see us as separate parts! i think that's great.

    • Well I mean I don't see anything wrong with guys who say "I like girls with big boobs." or "She just has to have a pretty face. That's what's important." I don't have anything that's of the upmost importance.

    • nah dont worry i understand what u mean.

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  • No it's not weird. Some guys attract me because they have cute. smiles, some because the have broad shouders, some because they have nice legs, etc. I dont really have a favourite body part, I appreciate each guy for his appealing features.


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