Girls, Girls in my age range, do I pass you look requirement in a guy, am I "dateable" to you looks wise? Or would you say I'm not attractive to you?

Girls, Girls in my age range, do I pass you look requirement in a guy, am I
NOTE that I can't grow hair due to a scalp condition so if you're under the illusion hair makes a guy factor that into your choice

So I'm a little confused on what to think, I went bald due to scalp condition at 18-19, and I've been told bald guys are gross and also that I'm a stud with no hair. I'm 20 now and I admit I have higher standard on looks, I don't really like the number scale for rating but it's the only way to give context for what your standards are through text so I'd say I definitively wouldn't date below what I find to be a 7 looks wise, I say I aim for about 7-9 usually with girls I go for, again I don't like the numbers scale it's very subjective but there is kinda a 'one size fits most' and I want to know how I fare and if I'd pass a girls looks requirements for dating this young, so girls would you date a guy who looked like me even with no hair? Be honest I admit looks matter, I couldn't date a girl overweight and know that we must find a partner attractive, I'm just being very honest about my views please return the honesty

  • results (please vite if your above my age range, no offense to anyone but I'd like to know my peers opinion
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  • I think you're attractive, I would date a guy who looked like you
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  • Sorry but I do not find you physically attractive and wouldn't be interested in dating a guy who looked like you
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Because it was brought up I am a smaller guy 5'9 and like 140 but I work out and have some tone so I'm not some pencil neck type guy
Also I can't tan for the life of me


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  • bald guys are definitely not gross the man i'm obsessed with is bald and most of the guys i like are bald... but because you have a long face like myself i honestly think you'd look more attractive with hair,,,,, i have very thin and fine hair and i keep loosing hair for some reason and it makes me feel/look less attractive because my face is long plus im a woman so it makes me feel less feminine looking id look prettier with more hair and volume, ... you don't look bad but id say you seem a bit too slim for my taste i like men who are thicker than me with muscles im tiny but i love bigger men they make me feel "safe"

    • Did you vote? Haas ha I'm just confused because your answer kinda swings back and forth

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  • I think you look good