Girls, can you help me with my self-consciousness please?

Ever since I was very young I've had this scar on my forehead from when I fell as a child. I absolutely hate it. It makes me feel ugly and like that's all people see when they look at me. I workout and stuff and I have a descent body, but I'm still self-conscious about my face. The scar is also partly why I wear snap backs now. I'll upload a picture of my scar, a picture of me in a hat, and one of my body to show that even though I'm in "good shape" I'm still self-conscious. Girls, do you care if a guy has a scar on his forehead? Does it make him less attractive?

Girls, can you help me with my self-consciousness please?


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  • Well, it's barely noticeable. I think girls wouldn't care so much about your scar. You still look attractive.


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  • Was gonna crack a harry potter joke.

    Look I've seen at least one study where they used digitally altered photos to test if people viewed those with mild facial scarring (which your is, just, it's barely even that) as more or less attractive.

    End result: women found men with mild scars no more or less attractive for a relationship, and -more- attractive for a hook up.


    "good looking" is about genetic markers. Our brains seem to recognize that scars aren't genetic markers. For most of evolution, mild scars showed a man had faced down physical violence and survived.

    Nothing to worry about man. Nothing


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