Girls, how do I look?

i am not asking this to get validation or anything i just want some honest opinions about my physical appearance and i won't be offended or take anything personally :)
Girls, how do i look ?


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  • Dammnn u fineee lol

    Need an eyebrow wax though.

    • Hahaa i think i need it but isn't a bit gay to do that

    • No, not at all. Get your barber/hairdresser to trim or pluck your eyebrows while getting your haircut or tweeze them yourself. The hairs just look out of control, need a touch up.

  • you look good :D

    since you want constructive opinions, there are some things you can do to look EVEN better.
    1. I notice that you've shaved, but not completely (near jawbone areas). I think it'd be even nicer to shave it completely, simply because it gives that clean look. Remember - all or nothing.
    2. you could pluck your eyebrows. Now i'm not saying to go crazy and pluck them into a thin line - just shape them a bit
    3. smile with your eyes :D I know some guys don't like putting on makeup under the eyes, so you can learn to smile with your eyes to look less tired. You have really nice facial features - now you just gotta add the charm.

    Follow these steps and you'll look EVEN BETTER!

    • Thank you for your constructive opinions i really appreciate it :)

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