Girls, Is it not normal to have your period for 6 days?

Ok, so when I first got my period it was light one day, then heavy the next and then light again and then it went away and I didn't have it again until a year later. Then it was the same thing but the next month I got it for 6 DAYS!!! I freaked out because it was for such a long time! I ususally get it on the 2nd Thursday night of the month and then it eventually goes away sometime Wednesday or maybe the next Thursday. It bounces around aand isn't really light or heavy on a certain day. I'm not fat in fact I'm very skinny and athletic and play basketball. I'm very active but I'm not very healthy in my eating :( I usually eat a healthy dinner because my mom makes it but breakfast and lunch usually aren't that healthy. So when my mom dosn't make something green for dinner (which is acually very rare) I sometimes don't eat anything green that day. My point is i don't eat very healthy but at the same time I don't eat suger all day. What I usually eat is all carbs not sugery stuff. I try to eat somthing green everyday and eat more healthy but I'm not on a very strict diet. So I'm wondering why do you think my period is so long? Does it have to do with my diet?


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  • Yes that's normal haha mine lasts between 4 days or they can last a week so it's normal. Nothing to worry about :)


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  • I think you should ask to go see a gynecologist.

  • Yes, that can totally happen. My ex husband used to complain that I had my period for two weeks all the time and I said yes, I do. I'm crampy and miserable for several days to a week, I bleed heavily (on and off sometimes like you described) for several days, and then I was like three or four more days of light bleeding.

    • Thank you! Very helpful!

  • yes I think that's normal when I get mine mine usually don't come until another month I think

    • But how many days do you have it for?

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    • i'm not alone!!! YAY! Ok, so I'm not dying, good! lol XD

    • lol no your not