Rate this person?

rate this person?
is she cute


Most Helpful Girl

  • My opinion is neutral.

    • My experiment proves even neutral opinions can offend jorahs (someone here knows what this means).

    • eh? i'm not offended, it's just your attitude which is comical. lol.

Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not a sexy pose. It looks like someone caught her off guard while changing positions on a photo shoot.

    • that's nice... but i need to know your baseless point of not being allowed to post in this forum, since "you're a dude!" and this is how you as a man behave in real life... hahaha.. cool.

    • Good I was hoping for a response like this after reading your other comments to other users now I can feel free to say this. Fuck off no one wants you here you egotistical arrogant asshole

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What Girls Said 1

  • Can I ask you why did you post this if you don't like the responses? by the way she's more like hot than cute in my opinion

    • i post as i please. though yes, some web stranger needs to regulate my conduct. and other web strangers determine what's worthy of being posted. haha.

What Guys Said 1

  • Not in my opinion.

    • yes. cos people need to accept your opinions on stuff hahaha.

    • But you asked my opinion though...

    • i did? ok. but then you'fre offended i'm asking this, when your bumchums do without bother. and you hate it when people defend themselves, but that's your business.. haha.