Do girls like arms with veins?

If a guy has veiny arms, is it attractive or unattractive? Or does it not matter at all to you? What if it was more or less than this? For reference here is my arm after working out. Normally it's not quite as pronounced as this, but once I drop body fat more it might look like this all the time, possibly even more pronounced at times.
Do girls like arms with veins?

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  • it looks like driods man


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  • Who cares what women like? Fuck those bitches, it's about what you like man.

    • That's pretty misogynistic bud, just because I'm not basing my self worth on their opinions doesn't mean I'm not curious. Regardless personally I like it, I think it looks cool.

    • Then it's cool and misogyny doesn't exist, it's a figment of the PC brigade.

  • trying to look tough, sorry you're not impressing anybody.

    • There's nothing tough about me, I'm not pretending. Just looking for opinions like I asked.

    • and i responded... and?