Girls, What is your take on guys who look younger than their age. (Or some would say have a "baby face")?

I'm curious as to what you think:
1. of guys who look young (baby faced)
2. Benefits of having facial hair
3. and keeping/shaving it

I know I look young when shaven. Over the a week, I wanted to take 4 pictures from growing a beard and shaving down to 2 different goatees and lastly clean shaven. Not saying I don't have confidence with ever of these choices I go out with. Looking for some positive feedbacks and any advice.
Thank you!
Girls, What is your take on guys who look younger than their age. (Or some would say have a

  • Beard (but trimmed)
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  • Goatee #1
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  • Goatee #2
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  • Clean Shaven (Baby face)
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I'm a Girl
From the poll I posted, looks like girls like the Clean Shaven (baby faced) look. :)
Looks more like Beard vs Baby face, some may like the rugged look and some do like the soft innocent look.

Like to look more appealing but approachable to the ladies.
Looking for last min opinions before I make my decisions on best answer (even though there's 2) From the Polls girls seem to like my baby face more than the ones with facial hair.


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  • I have to say you look good in all of them for starters, I do think you'll look would look quite sexy once the beard thickens as what RansomDraven pointed out. But I do like the bottom 2 the most, kinda gives your jaw some definition, and of course I will have to say you do have a baby face when clean shaven. But thats okay because a lot of girls think they're cute and well you are cute.

    • Thank you! :)

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    • Have had girls actually tell me that, that I'm looking less baby faced when I let the goatee out, just might end up growing out a Tony Stark goatee (iron man, if you didn't know lol)

    • They all suit you, the Tony Stark one would look good on you. But I'm still leaning towards the clean shaven baby face more

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  • I have to say first off to address you question: I really like the 2nd top picture, but the first picture has potential to be even better once it thickens up. Definitly like those two best... but on another note, you remind me of Justin Long who I absolutely love! So I say good look!

    • Thank you! I had a tough time keeping the top right, not a have of having a mustache after trimming the beard. But have been thing of growing the beard back out again.

    • not a fan* of having a mustache... my bad

    • You're welcome =)