How do I look (Version 2).. Please only age 30+ vote?

Ok, did this before and made two mistakes... first made it annonymous, and second didn't try and limit it to older voters..

I'm 46, recently divorced and trying to figure out how I rate on a scale of 1-10... 1 being butt ugly, 5 being average, and 10 being amazingly perfect. OR google "scale of 1-10 looks" and get an idea of what people at different ratings look like.

If you have a comment, I'd love to hear it.. work on (bla bla), or change (bla bla)... etc..

I'd also love to hear from women in their mid 30's if they'd date a man my age/looks assuming I have a good personality and job, etc..

Finally, I'd love to hear people guess what they think my ethnicity is?

How do I look (Version 2).. Please only age 30+ vote?

  • You are a 9+
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  • You are an 8
    Vote B
  • You are a 7
    Vote C
  • You are a 6
    Vote D
  • You are a 5 (average)
    Vote E
  • You area 4
    Vote F
  • You are a 3 or below
    Vote G
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would love some comments on whether dating her (like I did for 4 months) was out of my league?
not sure if there's a way to bump threads on here... would love to get more votes, especially from 30+ age females.. and comments would be also welcome!


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  • egyptian?


    • Mediterranean area is close... wrong continent

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    • Any way to bump threads on this forum?

    • get 750 xper. then redeem the points and paste this url into the box that pops up... then it'll be featured on the live feeds all day.

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