Girls, are white attractive guys more attractive than non white attractive guys?(read details, extremely important ) I am not a racist, just curious?

Okay so Tyson Beckford, Denzel Washington, Salman Khan, Senthil Ramamurthy, Naveen Andrews (two Indian guys that American women like), Brad Pitt, (insert famous hot KPOP singer I don't know), Justin Bieber and Channing Tatum. ALL can be considered physically attractive right?
But are Brad Pitt, JB and Channing Tatum a bit more attractive?
IS asking here (or most Internet q and a sites like Yahoo answers and stuff) BOUND TO GIVE answers slightly biased towards attractive white guys... since considering... you know... how the majority of the members answering will be white American or European females and thus will obviously be more inclined to prefer a white guy?
EVEN the tinder studies... Tinder is mostly white dominated... and if you are thus going to compare the success rates of Indian/Asian/Black men who take care of their appearance vs White men who take care of their appearance... the white guys will have more success (something seen in studies).
Is this accurate?
Is the Internet (or at least most of the question and answer sites to ask such comparison questions)... white?😅😅

Francisco Lachowski?😅😅😅


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  • I think white guys are attractive. I think there are some black guys that are attractive too but not Denzel Washington but I think white guys are winning. I always love Spanish guys too.. Like Adam Rodriguez. Omg he is man crush everyday all day.


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  • Oh look another insecure non-white fella. Jesus this place is swimming with insecure chumps.

    • Dude... How the fuck is this insecure?

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    • But when asking ONLINE... especially here or Yahoo Answers... the majority of women are white... and you must admit... the majority of them do tend to prefer the attractive white guy if you ask them to compare attractive guys of different races (obviously some are much more open). I have seen Freaking Hrithik Roshan and Senthil Ramamurthy get 3s or 5s here. Denzel is apparently "butt ugly".

    • Wow so some white women prefer white men. Get over yourself, you're not entitled to a white woman anymore than a white man is. Plenty of women and men from the same racial background date each other. Fucking hell the sense of entitlement here is sickening.

      Also why are you getting upset because a small proportion of white women don't like some men you do? What is this seriously man? It's stupid.

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  • I found white european men more attractive


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  • It's a matter of race of the person you ask. People date within their race mostly. It's a cultural social constraint. Sad really. I personally don't have such restriction. In any case there's your answer.

    Tinder is mostly white dominated so of course most women are going to want white guys because most women are going to be white. That's just how it is. However, I know some girls would love guys of other races. Really the only big matter as far as Tinder is the 80/20 rule. So long the guy is in the 20% he's good to go.