How to get rid of annoying baby bangs/hairs on forehead?

hey so i reallllly need help, this is the only thing i really dont like about my appearance. its that i have these tiny bangs on my forehead (about half the size of my forehead) except theyre not really bangs. theyre there cuz i cut my bangs (stupid idea huh) and now they look terrible. I've tried wearing a headband but frankly headbands dont look good on me :/ and theyre too short to clip back and not like normal silky hair
they look like this

how to get rid of annoying baby bangs/hairs on forehead?
theyre super annoying and i think i would look wayy prettier without them
i know most people are gonna say just wait till they grow out but they look ridiculous :/ and gel doesn't work they just stand up striaght and look worse if i do that and so does blowdrying
so what can i do? PLEASE PLEASE someone help me!!! any advice would be much appreciated


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  • I've never had this exactly problem but when I have some rogue hair I just: Blowdry + comb, then follow up with hair spray.

    Sometimes it takes time for hair to adjust to new styles.
    Maybe brush it to the side? I really don't know.

    • can't brush them to the side theyre too short :(

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  • Unfortunately there is not much you can do. I one cut my bangs and didn't like them but they were just long enough to pin or braid back.
    I think once they get a little longer there is more you can do. Have up considered maybe trying some vitamins that target hair, that would help them grow. Also when you wash your hair, massage some coconut oil on them and let it sit for 10 mins or so before you shower. It will condition them SUPER well so that they are less prone to break and will grow better. I'm sorry I cannot help much more. Good luck! :)


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  • Whoa... that needs to go holy crap

    • i know.. any suggestions now that youve made me feel worse? lol.

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