Are these girls from the horn of Africa attractive?

Are these girls from the horn of Africa attractive?





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  • When it comes to true natural beauty I'd have to say that Somalia and Pakistani women have the most natural and striking features compared to other races of women who are mainly cosmetically or surgically enhanced and heavily dependant on beauty salons and treatments to maintain their appearances.

    Also many of the pictures you've posted show mixed race women not pure races.

    • I upvoted because I am a Pakistani 😀

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    • @BlueAngel0 Interesting. What other "races" were u exposed to at uni? I'm sure you know Pakistani is not a race.

      "Also many of the pictures you've posted show mixed race women not pure races."

      Seems a lot of people say that when beautiful African/black women are presented. lol Which ones do you assume do not have full black/African ancestry, and how do you know? And what race do you assume they are mixed with and to what degree/generation do you speculate that other race entered their bloodline?

    • @Gojira I've worked in many fields esp humanitarian so been exposed to different races on a regular basis and am fully aware of the local populations of most countries and many in that picture are mixed. And yes Pakistanis are mixed but that's due to their unique location and history. You may disagree but that's your choice.

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  • Well, they definitely are to me! ALL of these ladies are gorgeous in my eyes. look at the varied, beautiful and exotic features and skin colors!!! Just among these relative few! These are hidden beauties of Africa. Just like much of Asisn/Southeast Asia and many asiatic and Australasian beauties of colors. I'm usually mired obsessed with Asian beauties of color but also African beauties like these and others. Both African and Asian ladies are wide in varied looks anc skin colors and the tegions they inhabit are vast witch explains some of it. Each maintain base physical identifiable traits but that they have a wide variety of looks and skin colors. The mass media force feeds us they're ideas of stereotypical black/Africa and Asian women lol. And there's no such thing amongst African or Asian peoples. These pics you posted are NOT what mainstream media shared when depicting African women. Such breathtaking skin colors and features. Luckily I was not raised in the western world and never got brainwashed into that ideal and style of beauty. I can see clearly and unfiltered, unpredidposef. Naturally outside the box. You're not asking to chose thr prettiest or anything like that are you? Cuz that'd be impossible for me. No way.

    Thanks for posting this👍
    (#2 may be the most striking though😍)

    • keen observation! The many physical nuances that are typically associated with Caucasians can be found in all races/ethnicities

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    • consider it sub races for technicality

    • Ok. In the end these are beautiful women of color mostly hidden from the world in the media. Nice to see them brought out.

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  • Yes, they are.

  • all looks prettier

  • The last one kind of looks old.

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