Out of these 5 amazing options for life, which one would you choose?

You are given $500 000 000 000 dollars to spend. 500 billion (US) dollars. You can withdrawal any amount, at any time. Also you can choose to keep private about your wealth if you choose to do so, so no one can know your net worth. If you somehow manage to spend all of your 500 billion dollars, you can have the option to re-fill it, up to 100 times. So really you have 50 trillion dollars to spend, you can donate it, spend it, buy anything you want.

You are given $100 000 000 000 dollars to spend. 100 billion (US) dollars. No re-fills if you spend it all. But you're also given the choice of looking like anyone you want, and can have a perfect 10/10 body and 10/10 face. Also, you are given the choice to keep private or live a public celebrity life. Any girl/guy you love will also love you back, and you can live married happily ever after if you wish.

You are given a spaceship to explore the stars. You can bring 2 other humans with you. All of you will be granted the ability to live forever at your current ages. The spaceship has 2 known planets in its GPS. Other places/planets you will have to find for yourself. It will be a unimaginable long journey to any place, since space is huge. One of the planets in its GPS is kind of empty and with only bacteria life. But the other, a planet named Xors, is really big. It has ten thousand times the land area of Earth, and has over 20 species of intelligent life on it. It has a sky which changes colours, and huge forests full of cool looking creatures. It has amazing sounds and music that is so deep in its soul. You and your 2 friends can explore Xors and meet other life forms and places to explore. It has so many adventures and places to explore, you'll never be bored and always be on a adventure. Visiting forests, cities, castles, oceans, high-tech buildings. If you want to visit other worlds that Xors, you'll have to find them yourself, it will take a super, super, super long time to travel to other planets.

You're given the option of being a child again and start your life over. Live through all your childhood experiences over again.

You leave Earth and are born in a magically new land. A land full of fairies, adventures, magic, unicorns, rainbows, happiness, music, and life.

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  • You can seriously write a book with that imagination. I like the idea of immortality and being able to travel to other planets in a spaceship so 3. My decision is dependent on quality of life on the spaceship since I would be in it for awhile. I want one of the friends to be a love interest too or I guess I could just find one on earth.


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  • Either 2 or 5.

  • I choose 1 because i'd then choose #3 :) meaning i'd buy my own space ship and shuttle and do all of that because i'd have money.


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  • I had such a wonderful childhood up until the age of 8. Two brilliant parents and a bossy 11 year old sister @Juicyjessie *ducks down behind sofa*.

    A trauma hit hard. Once through it, life was once again wonderful.

    I'd love to be able to go through it again, trauma and all. I think it helped make me a slightly better person.

    • Cheeky boy! You wait til I see you, Squirt! Waterpistols at dawn! Hehe!

  • B. With A, there's so much money, I could buy more than whatever I want. Then the rest of the money would be completely worthless.

    If you make C a TARDIS, I'm sold.

  • Option 4 so I can take me and @sandysmile to all Grand Prix's in the season for many years to come. And I'll be able to get myself a Jaguar E Type and a 1967 Ford Mustang. And I'll donate some of course and I'll live a quite life.

  • 2. 1 is just ridiculous. i don't think i could spend 1 billion if i tried, let along 5 trillion.

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