I have wide hips and im a guy... help?

What are your opinions on guys who have wide hips, its only noticeable when my shirt is off. Also if anyone could suggest things which would make it less noticeable, Would you date someone who has wide hips?


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  • Pictures? I can't really imagine it lol, as long as you are in proportion... Who says what "wide" is anyway.

    Anyway if you're too uncomfortable to show pictures, from the sounds of it no, I wouldn't be bothered... I've never really noticed a guys hips before... It would surely be in proportion with your body though

    • When i say this im not even joking, it looks like a female hip but not as wide as a females if you know what i mean

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    • @asker yeah lets have a look

    • Just messaged you.

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  • That's just genetic inferiority.

  • I have exactly the same issue. My hips are wide too and you can only see them when my shirt is off :p