Girls what do you think about Turkish man?

for first Turkish mans from west Turkey and west turkey is in east Europe near to bulgaria and greece. also i am a Turkish man.

  • Türkish man are ugly
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  • Türkish man are handsome
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  • Türkish man are arrogant
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  • Türkish man are tall
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  • I have no idea about Türkish man
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  • Well, I can't talk, in general but my boyfriend is Turkish and he really is a great guy 😌 I don't know how others in general are though

    • thats good for you. have fun with your Türkish boyfriend but not so much Türkish in spain

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    • Thank you 😊 i wish that for u too

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  • E because it depends on the individual Turkish man in question.

    • well look at my profil photo i am a Türkish boy how do i look

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    • i like wear to dark colors and we have no black people. we are white people

    • hello, 'black' is a reference to the black suits and ties the men wear in the film. I already understand that Turkish people are not black - I have visited many times in fact.

      ok, if you prefer dark clothes that is fine. I have just found that it is useful to experiment with one's wardrobe. have fun!

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