Please rank out of 10. Can be honest - I'm made of steel lol?

Please rank out of 10. Can be honest - I'm made of steel lol?

Go for it. If there's suggested improvements that works too

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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think you're pretty cute. I agree your hair looks dry (it's OK, mine is too haha). You have a nice jawline, not too masculine or feminine. I think smaller, rectangular glasses would suit your face better, but yours are fine. Nice, full lips too :) You look a bit older than 19 also- I would've guessed about 23.


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're not bad-looking at all. I might suggest getting some smaller glasses that better fit the size of your face/features or contacts, since larger frames like that tend to look like some kind of ridiculous goggles.

    Your hair looks... okay, I guess. I can't conjecture too much based on a photo, but your hair looks somewhat dried and tangled. Try looking for a good conditioner for your type of hair and I think you'll see an improvement. Usually conditioning isn't necessary at that length, but it should help you.


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  • Unimpressive.

  • Professor look would suit you.
    If you look to buff you will look weird.
    Keep the glasses.