Attractive body type?

I'm about 5 feet tall and have been losing weight too become my healthiest self. I hadn't been able to Exercise as much as I like recently and it Shows!

I'm devastated when I got on the scale today and I was 138. My measurements are as follows
Chest 37in
Waist 30in
Hips and butt 38in

My highest was 156, so I'm truly proud of the progress I've made! I know these are not the healthiest numbers but I've got a date on Friday and since it's our first meeting because we met online, I'm really self conscious about the way I look. I know that I'm not Going to have sex with him on the first date, but ideally I'd like to feel confident and sexy! I don't want him to be completely turned off by my body, or more importantly, my insecurities and attitude towards my weight. I know he really likes me as a person, and we get along well through our phone conversations, but I'm still Nervous about my Appearance.

Guys would you be Attracted to me with this body type? I've definitely got a little belly but I've got a pretty great Butt too. And I'm an awesome person, just need to lose weight to be my healthiest self.

Ladies have you ever felt self conscious about your body before a date or during a date? How did you overcome it?


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  • How can we possibly know with out a pic

  • Pics or pass...


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