Why don't random girls (Girls who don't know me IRL) comment on my Instagram photos (I am pretty good looking facially) ? How do I get them?

I only have like 10 photos of me in my room up. I have used the popular tags and get like 20 is likes. Which builds up to maybe 100 over a LONG period of time if it's really good. But no comments from random girls (friends IRL DO NOT COUNT).
Okay... before you judge my intelligence for asking such a question... I am a very bright student who works out and takes great care of himself mentally and physically. But I just so happen to want to become famous on Instagram (and then maybe more from there, you know?).
Also... I am not talking about guys that are youtube famous/singers or something like that. They will obviously have fangirls. I'm talking about your random everyday good looking guy with thousands of followers and around 100 ish fangirl comments in their photos. Not famous for anything but good selfies. I think I can do that too (But how?)
Okay, so I have been told I am good looking. I think I am good looking. I have a strong jawline and good ish features. Not saying I'm the hottest in the world or anything (Who knows I maybe?)... but I get literally zero comments from random Girls saying "you're so cute 😍😍 "(although two random girls have commented that exact thing on one of my photos but it's only TWO!).
There a some guys who pop up on the feed who have like 50 ish Girls commenting"cute""hot""DM Me" on their photos and most of them seem like girls that don't know the guy. And I am not talking about guys that are shirtless with their tongues out either... I am talking about guys that are taking photos of their face in such amazing lighting and stuff. Their pics look so shiny and clear. a lot of the times I am just as good looking if not better.
But they have like thousands of followers and I am barely 300.
I understand the comments come when you're followers increase... buy how do you start getting the followers? DO NOT say"be cute/hot". I AM pretty cute/good looking.


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  • Do you know what Cute mean? Dude you have to be Vin Diesel, Brad Pitt, or someone famous to get that! Good luck

    • Lol nope... there are a bunch of random guys that have like 8000 plus followers and many comments on their instagram and are not better looking than me.

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    • They should automatically follow me from seeing my pics on their feed right? I assume it has something to do with my shitty photo taking abilities

    • Sweets just give it time, you are handsome so it will take time for girls to follow you , and not all girls will

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  • You don't "get" them

    • I don't think I have to "earn"them either. I mean I am pretty good looking facially and have a good body. However I don't want followers because of my body. That feels like cheating. MY face is at LEAST better than some of the guys with fangirls only for their looks.
      I'm not white. Is that a factor?

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    • Dude do you have really bad face genetics or something? You have a strong jawline right?

    • Unlike you... I don't support whoredom or accept my status as a cash-machine, slave and anything of the sort.