I KNOW I am good looking but not whether I am good looking enough for... (details)?

... enough for tons of girls to comment "DM ME 😘😍" "you're so cute" "you're goals af" on my Instagram photos. I am definitely good looking facially. And my body is model material. But I don't upload body pics on Instagram since I want Girls to only know about the face. That just "feels better".
There are tons of guys on my feed who are much worse than me if not equal that have thousands of followers (and comments too) only for their selfies. Not like they are some famous youtuber or anything. Just a guy taking super duper selfies and getting Emojis dropped on him.
1) How to take super duper selfies?
2) ARE they using any tags other than the popular ones that I use (and only get like 20 or so like using)? If not tags... are they DOING something else?
3) IS there a way to know if I my face has potential? MY FACE IS good looking for certain. But how good looking though?
Before you assume I am dumb for asking this... I am a very bright student who is very knowledgeable and intelligent. Just wanna get them Emojis dropped though. With face. Not body. I can easily get them with body.

I am NOT WHITE. IS that a HUGE reason? But I don't have followers of my own race either though. Huh
I am talking ONLY OF RANDOM girls here. I don't care if Girls from real life comment on my pics.


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  • I don't know if you're confident or just cocky...

  • Find yourself a girlfriend

    • Noooo I want fangirls. I can easily get a girlfriend. Im hotter than at least a few of the models with thousands of followers.

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    • How do the Instagram models get started with the following?

    • I'm as hot as a few if not all of them

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