I have displayed one of the most daring body part, do you agree?

i have displayed the most daring body, that is a tongue.. a tongue can break any body or make any body.. you might not know what words might slip out of your wacky tongue. many people don't think before they speak and result in hurting so many people.. or proving themselves stupid. do you agree? ofcourse you do.
I have displayed one of the most daring body part, do you agree?

  • A tongue has no bones but it is strong enough to break a heart
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  • before speaking please make sure, your tongue is connected to your brain
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  • if your foot slips you can always recover its balance but if your tongue slips you can never recover your words
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  • a tongue is like a sharp knife it kills without drawing blood... loose tongues are worse than wicked hands
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  • the tongue can paint what the eye can't see
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  • never trust your tongue when your heart is bitter
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  • when i was a kid i would show someone my tongue which was as good as showing my middle finger.
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if i get a smile on your face.. than my purpose is over.
if not than bye


Most Helpful Guy

  • I would really tell you what's the most daring body part pic that you can ever post, if only you weren't a Goddamn 14 year old.

    • thats not called daring part.. thats called how to reveal your body to excite men.. i know what u r thinking..

    • I was talking about underarms, but I like the way 14 year old kids think nowadays.

    • well if i post pics of un waxed underarms... i will be more of a feminist than a philosopher

Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm not really sure what to say 😂
    But ur really pretty and ur hair has super nice flip to it


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  • You look nutso, put your tongue away

    • hey put away your legs.. i don't like chicken

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    • Oh my god. What even is this post? You make me sad to be a teenager.

    • (Meant for the asker)

  • This was refreshing :)

  • Love your question, very mindful. Although I would like to add something a friend of mine said once. He said "if I see a girl sticking out her tongue at me I just think she likes me and she wants to blow me", not everyone will picture your gesture as you have diaplayed here in your question, regardless of that your question was great and I can only agree with it!

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