Am I datable by international standards?

There have been a lot of posts on here of late, bashing Indian men for being perverted (and a lot of it is justified too).

There is also the common notion that Indian men are considered 'least attractive' by women all over the world. We Indian men are also stereotyped as 'ugly, dirty, perverted rapists'.

I just wanted to see how I personally fare, when it comes to my physical attractiveness internationally. I'm including a few pictures here. All pics are natural and unedited recent pictures. Please be brutally honest. If I approached you for a date, would you give me a chance? Or would you dismiss me for being an Indian (or any other reason)? Is there a chance that I would creep you out due to my ethnicity or appearance? Please don't rate me on a scale, just say if you would give me a chance or not (with reasons, of course).

P. S. Don't worry, it's not like I'm gonna ACTUALLY ask women out here. I just want to know if women outside my country find me datable or not, especially considering the huge negative stereotype associated with Indian men.

Extra info to help you decide. I'm 5'7" or 170 cms tall, and weigh 134 pounds or 60.5 kgs.

Am I datable by international standards?


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  • Yes, you I might date. I don't agree with those stereotypes especially this one, " Indian men are considered 'least attractive' by women all over the world".
    I find Indian guys quite hot actually, and same goes for Pakistani guys.
    Again, I don't agree with those stereotypes. They're inaccurate. I would date an Indian guy anytime.

    • Wow, I'm happy to know that there still ARE girls who are willing to give Indian men a chance! I mean... people like you give me hope that my ethnicity wouldn't really cause me to live and die alone! Hehe!

      Thanks for the kind answer, you brightened up my day! :)

    • Thanks for mho :D

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  • You are fine, the physical part is ok, and also I don't have matter with stereotypes.

    It also depends on the person. There is a popular phrase: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    What I can tell you is my own standards, which they can change by the time and by my way of thinking: I am looking for people who are around my age, something like -5<=x=<5. Being physically good looking like long hair, not fat is for me attractive, but the truth comes through me by hearing and listening to his voice: a voice which can sound and show assertiveness, confidence, determination, as well as with the actions and desicions he takes related to his life, his career, work and things he likes. Also how he treats the people whom he works, studies and befriends.

    And the most important thing for me is that he is sincere, honest with me. Maybe he has already robbed my heart and makes me want him to date him, or at least make me think about giving him a chance, but for me feeling his honesty and that he can tell me the truth about his feelings even if they are not requited, it is enough for me. Even if he only wants a friendship is enough for me.

    I can accept many things, but not dishonesty and taking advantage of me.

    • Great, I appreciate your honest and detailed answer. thank you! :)

  • I would not trust you unless you had done something to prove yourself - that you are different from other men I have met. If you had an impeccable academic or work record or if you spent time building orphanages in Africa or if you had a very intelligent and quick demeanour about you - I would give you a chance. If you are typical and average then I would not date you.

    • Ok, let me answer those questions for you.

      I'm a University graduate, holding an engineering degree in Computer Science. I have over 5 years of professional experience, although I have put my career on hold temporarily because I'm currently working on a couple of other priorities. I'm not rich enough to build orphanages, but I am an animal lover, and have volunteered at animal shelters. I also used to donate 10% of my annual income towards animal welfare, although my income wasn't all that great.

      Are these facts sufficient to pull me out of the 'typical and average' category, or do I still remain unattractive due to my ethnicity? I mean... what's your opinion about it?

    • I would probably date you then.

  • I think you look like a nice guy but really not my type, sorry.

  • I'm normally a pretty nice person, but if you were to come up to me without knowing me and ask me out. I wouldn't be the happiest camper about. Maybe if we were friends or if we know each other for a while it would change the outcome of my opinion. But I'm normally not looking for a relationship and if I am I normally have someone in mind.

    • Appreciate your response. But do you personally think I am datable, considering my looks alone, and the fact that I'm Indian?

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