I want to look like a male model, how do I go about it?

I have been told I am generally good looking, so a 6/10 at best i would say, but i think i have the right features, 5'11'' height, meditteranean tan, nice dark brown eyes, dark features on the lightish skin etc (typical middle eastern features). My body though is sth like built fat and i think that makes my face a little chubby too, so how do i go about it, i dont aim to get into the industry or anything lol nor do i want to attract a lot of women, in fact i am working to join the military but i just want to feel great when i look in the mirror


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  • Well most important is facial symmetry.
    At 5'11" you're actually quite short for a male model but you could still give it a shot if you feel confident and are able to reflect that.
    You need to have a good body for modelling unless you wanna be a 'plus site model' so I'd suggest you work on that, though..

    • i dont want to become a male model as such to begin with lol plus 5'10''-6'2'' is the height of most male models from what i knew in fact they reject people over that, the thing is even female models got the same height range which is a little funny but okay. My face is symmetric enough, even at my high body fat, i can see my jaw starting to sharpen a little but i wouldn't say i am good looking yet but i think i have potential, plus i have a slightly big body frame but not gigantic which is another reason why i want it so bad lol

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    • oh thanks then :)

    • no problem ;P

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  • I'm on the same boat man I'm 6ft 170 n I want to look good.. WE SHOULD JUST WORK OUT BUT THE THING IS COMMITMENT. How bad do we want it

    • i want it real bad, i went from being an obese guy to an average fit guy (i was 120 kgs 2 years back, this year, i ran the marathon in my city) and i can safely say my face is improving every year, how i know, i actually got another account with my old pics lol, i follow the same people as this one and not one of them has yet had a clue its me XD. But i dont want to just be the generally cute guy, i want to be that hunk that women fantasize about while having sex with their not as great boyfriend

    • i think everybody wants that lol, BUT WE WILL DO IT :)

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