Which is better for a girl to have, a little bit of fat or less fat?

Everything else is the same pretty face, nice girl. Only the body shapes are different. Which is better for a girl to have and who would you rather date?
Girl a has a little bit of fat and also more chest and bum.
Which is better for a girl to have, a little bit of fat or less fat?

Girl b has less fat and less curves. Ignore the face, pay attention to body only.

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  • Girl A has the figure of a gorgeous woman... Just think of it like this... Guys like drag racing... It's fun ! It's a straight line
    Guys love road track racing... Lots of curves on the track...
    We feel the same about the female body... No curves means soon we will be tired of the course... And move on

    • She's very beautiful.

    • I think so ! Girls are way to hard on them selves... Girl B is like 2% of the worlds female population...

  • I'd pick in between them. Maybe leaning a little bit more towards A because I like thicker thighs but between these two I think B is hotter

  • I like in between these two but I picked A because its closer to what I like.

  • in between them

  • B, all the way.


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