Tips on growing a beard?

So im 15 years old and i've been shaving since summer last year almost once a week. It's changed slightly because i can tell there are hairs like scattered across my face but you can't see them, they can only be felt lol.

I just wanted to know if any guys or girls have any tips?

By the way the only place hair is growing properly is moustache area and chin and a little below my lip. I also have a little on my neck when felt.

P. s the only reason i shave at the moment is because my family keep saying it looks better shaved.


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  • Let it grow on its own. Don't shave.

    • Isn't shaving supposed to help?

    • ya, I thought you were supposed to shave and it'll grow back better?

    • Trimming the dead tips can help but first they have to grow long enough to get dead ends

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  • to grow a beard all you have to do is not shave. but you're best off waiting a few more years until you have more hairs growing on your face, it'll just look stupid now

    • Lol the only reason i started to shave was because my family was like is looks much more cleaner when fully shaved.

    • Also when i say beard i mean like short stubble

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  • um, you're 15. are you sure you really want a beard? beards on guys your age to me and my gal friends just look really, really stupid and kinda gross.
    if you really wanna grow one that bad, then just don't shave for a while.

    • I know thats what a lot of people say but i think like short stubble would suite me.

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    • You can't get short stubble. Ypu get stubble by shaving.

    • @Quacken I dont know what i mean then, its like a short beard all around

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  • It does look, better shaved. When kids who dont have real thick facial hair try and grow it out it looks stupid gross and dirty in in my opinion. Just wait. Once you have to shave everyday and you have stubble by the end of the day when you shave in the morning. Then its tine to grow a beard.

    • I shave at night and you can already see it in the morning?

  • Trim, don't shave, but honestly it just takes time. I couldn't grow a full beard until I was 20

    • Thanks for the advice.

  • very hairy guy here hi and i shave every other day but just dont shave

    shave your mustache though
    you dont want a mustache at 15

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