I want to start wearing makeup?

im starting highschool next year and i want to start waring makeup, but the only problem is, my parents dont like makeup? my dad never let my mum wear makeup, and when my sister wears makeup (she always wears makeup, she's in uni) my dad says "you look better without makeup". i always practice wearing my sisters makeup when no ones hime. my dad doesn't get mad but he doesn't like it.. how should i convince them to let me wear it for highschool?
by the way, any tips on how to wear it properly? i only know how to put on eyeliner and mascara.


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  • Maybe tell them that you wanna feel older and you won't over do it. I wear make up all the time to boost myself esteem. Just a tip, don't over do it or put to much on, it'll make you look like a clown.


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  • Start with mascara and then eyeliner then maybe he will Get used to it