Girls, Girls in my age group, would you say I'm unattractive, plain/average, or attractive physically?

I'm 20, and more than a little confused on what to think, I'm 5'10 so pretty much national average or just about, weight about 140, but I do work out and have tone so I'm not a pencil neck guy, it's just all the males in my family are smaller built dudes who can't get mass really, and the elephant in the room the no hair-I lost it to shock trauma loss after close family death gave me clinical exhaustion, it's permanent and I have to shave what's left. Now I've been called a stud with no hair and heard plenty of 'eww's' so I don't know what to think, so girls in all honesty would you say altogether, no hair and all, I'm unattractive aka-on the ugly or repelling side to you, plain or average (basic guy you wouldn't look twice at) or in the attractive range (please only vote this if you could date a guy who looked like me)

Please be honest, I have high standards on a girls looks myself (although I do only want something real) I won't lower those standards for the world and I know that needing an attractive partner is human, I'm honest with you on this please be honest with me on how you think I look.

Girls, Girls in my age group, would you say I'm unattractive, plain/average, or attractive physically?

  • I find you unattractive (ugly or slightly repelling to you)
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  • I find you plain/average (the kind of guy I wouldn't give a second glance to at a gathering)
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  • I find you attractive (date able)
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  • Girls older than 25 (no offense to anyone, plenty of older girls are attractive, I just want my peers opinions)
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Here's another pic with better lighting
Wow guess hair really does matter to girls :( don't bode well with my high standards, oh well, I'd rather be dead than settle so I'll keep trying, but I am glad the honesty proves looks do matter to both sexes and that with comments I've heard about no hair men aren't the only 'shamers' like overweight girls like to talk about.
Also yes I know I'm pale my skin simply does not tan


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  • I personally don't have a type but I think you look datable!

    • Did you vote out of curiousity?

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    • I'm pretty sure that there's someone out there that finds you attractive that you find attractive too.

    • I doubt it personally, even if there is the chances of meeting or her being single given how she'd look are slim-I'm honest with myself in this regard haha I appreciate the kind thought though

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  • You have very nice features. Personally i prefer someone with hair, i think maybe you should get into body building.

    • So you voted which one? Sorry just confused since you're answer kinda went both ways also I have a hyperbolic system I hit the gym hard for months and gained 5 lbs, I had an uncle who spent nearly 20 years in Army special forces, and the whole time he was a smaller guy like me we just don't gain weight even with supplemental help our system breaks it down faster than most

      Anyway which did you vote haha (be honest it sounds bad but it's probabaly a mutual unattraction

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    • I did oops

    • So accidentally voted me unattractive? Haha it's okay, but when you say you prefer hair that means you'd say no to a bald guy? Just curious,