What do I do if my own mother told me that I only pretty with a half pony tail and make up?

I told my mom that I wearing half pony tails make me look very nice and my mom agreed. She told me that yesterday at the family reunion I looked very beautiful meaning that today I look more average because I am not wearing make up or a beautiful hairstyle. My mom does not want to tell that I am average looking, but I oveheard my mom saying to my dad that I am not as pretty as I think I am. I am the only natural unattractive looking girl with BBD. I will never marry anyone or a guy ever in my life because I am hurt being for only looking very beautiful with a half pony tail and make up.

Actually, that was in the past that older men would check me out. Now, I barely have men checking me out. When I am with my mom, all men would ignore me when they see me, but they all stare at my mom hard. I wish that I have at least one guy ogling me when I am with my mom to make me feel good and loved and attractive. I do not how creepy he is as long he does not hurt me. My mom is more attractive than me. I feel being attracted to the same sex more than the opposite gender. No guy will find m


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  • That is not what a mother is supposed to do. Pony tail or no pony tail. Your looks don't change because of a pony tail!

    Here's a little hint from a guys perspective. We really don't care what hairstyle a girl has as long as she has hair and takes care of herself... FACT!

    No disrespect to your mom but she needs to asses herself and quit and start loving you for who you are instead of molding you into her play barbie play doll.

    • Please do not be to rude to my mom because I have uncovered some sensitive and good things about her. God bless her. Can you at least teach how to respect my mom.

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    • Hi! I am following you now! My username is AverageJane. I asked a fun question about lava. I am going to make fun questions for now on.

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  • I'm sure your berry beautiful, pics would help. What is BBD by the way?

    • It is kind of funny that my older sibling, some cousins that are like in their twenties say I am pretty. Young guys are more attractive to my young friends, but I only attract older men in their 50s. Even though I barely have guys staring at me hard, it is still kind of weird how I could catch at least one guy who is in his 50s staring at me. Young guys or hot guys definitely ignore me, but a lot of them respect me when I talk with them.

    • I meant to say BDD, not BBD, which stands for Body Dysmorphic disorderish.

    • Oh I see, excuse my ignorance. That's strange you only have older men checking you put. Maybe you scare away young guys for a reason other then looks, I don't know. I really do wonder what you like now.

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  • You mother isn't a good parent then. Any parent you undermines or insults their own child is a shitty parent, who probably has massive insecurity problems of their own. Know better than your own mother, and ignore her insensitive comments.

    • I want to hang around with women who are as unattractive as me without dressing up or wearing foundation.

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    • happy to help :)

    • My mom is really nice person in heart. My mom actually wants me to attend college no matter how long I take as long as I get a degree on something I like.

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