Girls, what do you think of this picture?

Here is a serious one. And I'm trying to look good in this one:

Girls, what do you think of this picture?
I need an Instagram profile pic. Is this one good enough?

Here are some funny ones as well just in case. Or if you need to see how i look with different expressions:

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  • I'd go with the funny confused one.

    • Are you sure? I think i kinda look weird in the bottom two...

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    • It's like internet 101 you want to create subconscious acceptance. If people look at you and think LOL then they won't pick on you as much.

    • While what you are saying isn't technically wrong...

      I think that the first pic is perfectly acceptable and that he wouldn't get made fun of because of it. I think you should use whichever is the best representation of yourself.