Girls, Girls in my age bracket would you consider me attractive enough to date? (Based on on looks)?

Girls, Girls in my age bracket would you consider me attractive enough to date? (Based on on looks)?

I did post something like this yesterday but for some reason it says it's gone or I can't access it now so please don't jump down my throat for asking a similar question-just easier this way than trying to get ahold of gag about the issue.

Anyway I'm 20, have a condition that lost most my hair so I have to shave bald now permanently and worry how it affects my looks, and I admit looks are needed for me in a girl, I have high standards I won't ever lower either, I only want one in the end and something real so I don't call that shallow, just with how well I'd treat a girl she needs to attract me physically as well-I say this to show my honesty, I'd never date an overweight girl etc personally it's a turn off, so if you couldn't date me just be honest in return,

  • Girls over 25 (sorry just want my peers opinion)
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  • Yes, I find you attractive I would date a guy who looked like you
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  • No sorry I do not find you physically attractive, it'd take a lot of convincing so probably not
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  • While I don't think you look bad, I can't get past that you lost your hair to a condition so young
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Wow it's very depressing to know that something as accessory as hair affects so many girls that even though they find me decent looking they can't get past it, at the very least you can't blame a guy like me when I say I would only ever date a skinny girl with a pretty face, obviously girls are just as looks oriented
And yes I know I'm pale, I have a skin type that doesn't tan for the life of me


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  • Aw what. Honestly I think you're gorgeous

    • ? So you voted yes? Haha I'm just confused what the 'aww' is in there for

    • Because it's sad that you even have to ask. I would totally date you.

    • Oh okay, thanks by the way! :)

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  • Your lack of hair is actually super unique, and totally punk rock lol. Some people dont have the right head shape for being bald, but you totally have the head shape for it

    • Did you vote? I'm just curious as my votes for my looking decent show none but it may just be the phones browser screaming up

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    • Haha so knowing I couldn't grow it ever wouldn't bug you at all?

    • No not at all

  • I think you look good :)

    • Thanks, did you vote out of curiosity? My browser on my phone has issues with these stupid polls showing up sometimes, and would the knowledge I can't grow hair ever be an issue for you this young?

    • No I don't mind that :) you still look good to me.

  • I'm not particularly fond of the baldy look.

    • Did you vote if so which? Also I have no choice but to be bald from a condition so it's not by choice

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    • Sorry, but I wouldn't date you. I have pretty high standards just like yourself. But unlike you, I don't judge a person by their physical attributes. I would date an overweight guy he's a descent enough person.
      Now moving on. I don't find you physically atttactive one bit, and that's the brutal and honest truth. I wouldn't even notice you if we were int the same room together. Sorry honey, but you look funny. Xxx

    • I'm sure I wouldn't be attracted to you either, even one bit of pudge would turn me away, and I need a pretty face, I would never lower my standards even if it meant my death, (my family we value some aspects to non negotiable level, attraction one of them) and you wouldn't date me that's fine it's you choice, however you said you don't care about physical attributes yet say I look funny (several girls have disagreed with you here) and that's the reason why you wouldn't, so it's fine you wouldn't date me, chances are I wouldn't dare you in brutal honesty given my standards, I admit looks matter and he'll I'd date a girl who wore a wig or lost her hair if she was skinny and had a nice face, the point I'm making is you're hypocrisy for saying looks don't matter and then saying you wouldn't date me even if we clicked and its due to my lack of hair (which I lost when my father passed to shock of it, no option but to shave, whereas a fat guy or gal can work off a gut)

  • You look great !! Love your smile :)

    • Thanks! Did you vote? And no hair wouldn't bother you?

    • Sure wouldn't. I voted. Just be confident with yourself. You're a cutie ;)

  • I think you look decent

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