Anybody have any thoughts on my avatar?

Such as does it fit the username?

Or does anyone have a better avatar they want to recommend to me if they think it will fit better?


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  • Yes they seem to compliment each other well (profile picture/username and vice versa)

    • That's what I thought too because the smiley "Endoskeleton" fit best since all the other terminator robots always are either too grumpy or not show any real emotion. They all like have a real attitude problem.

      I was also thinking about IllBeBack, UncleBob, HastaLaVistaBaby, CSM101, Endoskeleton800 as usernames, but decided on JudgmentDay after a roll of a 6 sided die. I've always have had a hard time deciding usernames.

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  • Scary but interesting!

    • Really? I wondered why.

      The smiling "Endoskeleton" terminator robot was meant to be for the lulz, not even meant to be serious xD.

      I rather have a smiley face terminator instead of the angry and grump all the time looking Arnold terminator seen in the original 1984 movie.

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