Opinions on my body type?

im short, around 5'2, petite, thin but with a softish stomach (it's flat not flabby- I do ab workouts, but they don't seem to produce results lol), a nice round butt in proportion to my body, and my biggest insecurity is my boobs- well lack of... I'm an A cup and don't have much except a bit of roundness underneath, so I do have something... Is this body type attractive to any guys? I'm not ashamed of my body, I'm just a bit insecure about my breasts and that they make me look too juvenile, especially because I'm petite...


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  • You've never read here on gag or anywhere else that many many many guys like smaller breasts? Oh that's right you're too busy posting unbelievable stories and random internet pics of people.


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  • Every one have his/ her different body type
    Improve your body in your own way and be confident

  • I like small breasts, dont worry.
    Can i suck on them?:)


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