Beards. why so many women hate them and why some love them?

I've been told stubbles like 5 o'clock shadows are good looking but most prefer clean shave however I like to keep some facial hair but clean shave once in a blue moon just for fun and see people's reactions I have a very oval face so I need facial hair. Also it stops me from breaking out


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  • I like 5'o'clock shadow, because it's sexy, and gives me chills when I rub my Palm against it, or my cheek! :)


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  • Hm. Good question. On a few people, I do like beards. For the majority, I think it looks really sloppy. Additionally, my knee-jerk reaction is to address men with beards as "sir" even if they are the same age. Haha. Beards make most men look so much older.

  • Well, the Pros of beards are, you can braid them and they are sometimes attractive on men. The Cons of beards are the are itchy when girls kiss and they get stuff in them which is gross.


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