Do you think that any guy would like me?

I usually wear t-shirts and jeans. I'm Asian, and my grades are sometimes good? I'm 15 and I'm 5'2" and weigh 102 pounds. I'm in a hs military program. I've only had one relationship and people usually call me pretty, cute, or beautiful instead of hot or sexy :/ is there anything i should change?


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  • No, you're absolutely fine the way you are!

    • Aaawww thank you! That really made my day :)

    • You're very welcome! You sound like a wonderful girl. I'm sure a great guy will pop into your life when the time comes :)

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  • in next two years they who calling you sweet or cute shall call you sexy automatically... wait till time

  • Honestly never change anything tat way when someone attaches to u then u know its because of exactly who u are :) what do u look like?

    • I have black hair that goes down a little farther than the neck. I have somewhat straight eyebrows and dark brown eyes that are upturned. I have a button nose and down turned lips. I never really wear makeup... D:

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    • ummm... i don't know... I'm only 15 and i have no experience within that area 0.0

    • Oh well I was just asking I figured u seen one before and just wanted u to think about one as small as ur pinky lol

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