I hate the way I look, how do I change it?


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  • Plastic surgery

    • face is cute, just not hot would getting fit do the job?

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    • do u honestly believe brad pitt and angelina jolie would look better than average with our normal fitness levels, bad dressing sense, less groominf etc

    • By accepting yourself and being proud of who you are, you improve.. it's just in a different way

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  • Depends on your complaint. Body: exercise. Face, being honest.
    (maybe you've removed a photo, I don't see a picture).
    Girls might harp on about hot guys, but ultimately they want a guy they can trust and fall in love with (i. e. be a decent guy). Look at Obama, he's president, but not the most good looking guy.
    Most of the time, the biggest problem with thinking you are (not handsome) is that you let that interfere with your social interactions. One of the funniest interactions I ever had was with a guy who was quite ugly, but when I said that I thought I'd seen him before, said, "I often get that. Have you heard of Tom Cruise?", and waved his hand around his face while smiling.
    That's all it takes. I loved him right there and then (in a man loves man way).
    Be okay with who you are. That's the most important thing. And be proud. People who don't meet society 'standards' often have a better path because they concentrate on what's inside...
    Personally, looks are like a bright flashing light, you look at it, but it's just a flashing light.
    What we all want is to spend our lives with someone who makes us melt inside.

    • obama is super handsome by the way 8/10 guy but yeah no matt bomer

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  • Work out, Haircut, new clothes, glasses, anything to up your style. Or plastic surgery. Other than that, maybe just learn to love yourself...

  • Get a new haircut, invest in a new clothing style, hit the gym.

  • plastic surgery.

    give God lots of money and pray