I have good features and yet dont look good?

Dark features, olive skin, 5'11'' height, jet black hair and dark brown eyes and i guess my cheekbones show very little as of now coz of the high body fat and my body is pretty average and my face very marginally above average, can i become super alpha looking if I lose the fat, change my clothes and work on my hair and all?


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  • Work on making yourself feel great before trying to cuff someone.

    • i feel great till i see an alpha male and the pussy attention and women begging them for sex, i am more like the cute/ handsome guy women would date, how do i transform to thw former. does age help too, i just turned 20 and was a latw bloomer

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    • Then it's something you're doing or not doing that turns them off.

    • not that way, i am more like the generally handsome guy u'll meet u would have seen way better but i look fine and all, i would say a 6-7/10. i want to work on being the female fantasy the kind of men who are either gay dumb models or in mills and boon and i feel i might have potential face wise

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  • You could just try to look angry and purposeful all the time.

    • do u have something against working out XD

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    • its not about women, i want to feel good about myself

    • Hence money. And jets :D

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  • Alpha males are born, not made.

    • bullshit

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    • if ur talking about personality, i would like to be the nice guy personality wise, thank you, i am intelligent in a great college and will probably earn a lot of money, i want to be perfect, looks like a dangerously sexy bad guy but with a good sense of humour with a tinge of cockiness (thats me already ;) ) but will retain my bookish intelligence, i am only worried about the looks part as of now, i want to know if changing the body and hairstyle, dress etc can change my appearance from being a 6-7/10 to a 9/ 10 guy

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