I want to be a hunk, help me, how do I start?


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  • Who says you aren't one now to some people?

    But I guess if you want to improve on yourself, usually working out helps a lot. Carry yourself well (have nice posture). If you have shaggy hair, that can be a hit or a miss for some people so maybe a nice haircut would also help. Wash your face if you don't, so it's not too dry or too oily. When you wear an outfit, make sure there aren't any food stains or holes (I guess unless that's part of the design).

    All of that should help you put a better step forward, I would think.


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  • Go to gym and work on your body its that simple

    • so face doesn't matter? I am a 7/10 face wise acc to people here

    • When you lose body fat and go Down to 9% body fat your face aesthetic will increase

    • oh thats exciting :) i am already above average, looking like a male model then would be just wow he he

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  • Only shallow women will want a hunk/stud.

    • i want shallow women

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    • @Asker you want women who want you only for your looks is stupid because they do not care about you and will move on to the next guy they think looks better.

    • sure, but it's awkward when they're always holding a camera or mirror up to see themselves.
      If you can, find someone you honestly like. Sex then becomes an accumulation, it gets better over time... I think this is what some of these girls are trying to say...
      They only way to know is to try it

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  • Get on a cycle

    • if thats really ur pic without photoshop or anything (it appears a little touched tbh) you are quite a handsome chap, did working out help?

  • Just become a douche bag and you'll have bitches dripping off you

    • its no use being a douchebag without the required body and looks

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