Girls, Have you ever gotten plastic surgery?

I REALLY want a nose job. I am so insecure about my nose and I really think it will boost my confidence.

Anyone have experience or know someone that has? I'm 20 right now and I am thinking about saving up and maybe doing it when im 25. Ideally I want it done when Im 22 but Im broke lol.


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  • My sister had one. My advice is to ask your bank if you can set up a separate savings account and put a certain amount in there each month. Some banks let you set a percentage of your paycheck to be put in there so soon you'll forget it's even being taken out. Please make sure you do a TON of research on plastic surgeons before choosing one. Make sure he is a board certified plastic surgeon and look up reviews and pictures of his work. If your nose makes you insecure then I think it's 100% worth it to invest in one.

    • Thanks so much!!! Did your sister like the results? And was it done in the US or Canada? Im thinking about doing it in the US even though I live in Canada because the docs are better / more reviews/ more clients there.

    • No problem! She loved her results and I think she looks amazing now. Her nose didn't really "fit" her face before and now it looks like it does. She got it done in the US. When you're researching for US doctors make sure they're board certified. Some doctors call themselves "cosmetic surgeons" here and do plastic surgery even though they aren't a board certified plastic surgeon so make sure they have that credential.

    • Oohh thats awesome. Do you know the doctor's name? I heard a guy called "Dr Miami" lmao, thats not his real name but apparently he's good.

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