Girls, Rate, desribe and suggest about outfits?

What is okay, what would you change etc?

You can also rate physical appereance of this guy ;D

#1 (unique varsity, white tee, tight jeans and white nike air force)

#2 (there is another t-shirt - grey with hahnd, rest is the same as #1)

#3 (grey t-shirt with bomb, tight jeans and converse)

#4 (checked shirt, white tee underneath, jeans short and converse)

#5 (it looks exactly like #3, but there is another grey tee (from #2), also another jeans (wider) and converse)

#6 (another grey tee (third), jeans short and converse)

#7 (jeans jacket, grey tee with face, camo pants and black kicks from supra)

#8 (checked shirt red & violet, white tee underneath, tight jeans and red vans)


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What Girls Said 1

  • I'm not a fan of the jean shorts haha but I think the last outfit looks nice. :)

    • What about others?

    • The others are alright haha, I think that the last one is the best though. I like the white shoes better than the converse, but both are nice. Your black jacket looks nice as well.

    • What about collection of grey t-shirts?