What are features you admire from another race or from each race?

Hope I am using the word race correctly :( lol I see a lot of people get chastised on here for that lol
Anyway for example for me I really like how Caucasians have different shades of hair colour like red and blonde I especially like blonde hair I think it can look really pretty :)
I like the shape of eyes that Asians have I think it is so unique and beautiful. :D
There is nothing like a African person's skin to me, it can really look flawless ;)

I see a lot of people comparing beauty from different races, saying black is ugly (i literally read a comment like that today on this site :(
I think everyone is beautiful in their own way :) that can never be said enough.

So what feature that is specific to a race, other than your own that you think to be beautiful outstanding intriguing etc. :D?


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  • I like lots of things in each race so it's hard...

    Asian: Their hair
    Black: Body and lips
    White: Eyes
    Arab: Eyes and Hair
    Latina: Body and hair
    South Asians: Hair and Eyes

    • Lol yeah black people have beautiful lips :D and white people have some beautiful eye colours as well

    • THANKS for MHO :)!!!

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  • African American lips on a white girl... oh dayyyum lol

  • Their white feet when the rest isn't white


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  • I like how the Africans from africa are so hard working, strong, poised and confident. (not the ones who grow up in north america though)

    I like how the jewish people are so virtuous and happy inside

    I like how the indians are so traditional and loyal to their marital partners and how the children have so much respect for the adults

    I like how the egyptians care so well for their friends

    I like how the aboriginals are so open minded and accepting of people

  • First of all, a lot of African Americans have a good voice and even if they don't sing I just like their accent and voice. There are also many tall, good looking African Americans like Trai Byers (actor) or Nathan Owens on Devious Maids - so cute!

    British and Europeans with their sexy accents

    Half-Japanese, half americans or Half-japanese, half British

    got to go but I'm sure I could think of more ;)

  • Girls in Africa, i always see them with such nice cheek bones. They're so high and perfect.
    Asian- their hair is flawless
    Hispanic- Everytime i see someone thats hispanic, they have the nicest eyes and eyelashes

  • In my race I see every feat

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